Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti needs help, not horseshit.

Before I get into some self-indulgent soapbox target practice and opinion hurling on my under-read blog, let me say that it's of more importance to me to say to anyone that may come by here that my heart goes out to those suffering, and I recommend donating to the red cross or anyone else working in Haiti. There are all kinds of great campaigns going on, text-to-donate and fund drives of a more traditional vein... google it and help if you're lucky enough to be able to.

That said, Pat Robertson has outdone himself. That slimy, used car salesman, slickster waste of skin has seriously opened up the valves on his douchenozzle and let her rip. I just can NOT wrap my head around the idea that someone who imagines themselves as a "spiritual leader" and runs around telling people they preach the gospel of a god that loves people, could also make statements such as his about a tragedy such as the one recently afflicting Haitian people.

If you haven't seen, his position is that those people, Christians, non-christians, children, the elderly, the disabled, all those fucked right up by this earthquake are just getting their fair punishment. For what you ask? Well, of course, for making a deal with the devil generations ago in order to escape slavery and French minority rule. Can you imagine what must be going on in this twisted old maniacs faithbrain?! If so, then please, let me know, because I'm having what might be aptly described as a "hard time" with it.

My beef right now is not with Pat. It's with dozens of shit-eating religious "middle management" types who are distancing themselves from these comments while throwing up stupid disclaimers. PLEASE: If your horrifying dedication to some warped, violent sect of whatever religion prevents you from realizing that these people don't deserve this, then just shut the fuck up. Give the sensible people that much. Be quiet, and let people observe the Pat Robertsons for what they are. This way, maybe a few people will stop buying the snake-oil of religion and that can be our silver lining. Take this idiot who writes a whole piece discussing the theological implications of Robertsons diatribe. Or this one, who "condemns" lightly his comments, but takes up more column space apologizing for criticizing Pat Robertson. If you're a christian, or worse yet an actual contributor to this fool's campaign of hate and garbage, there is no appropriate response but a really serious gut-check. One where you ask yourself "is my uppity sense of false piety worth looking like THIS MUCH of an asshole?". Because you do. If you don't put real space between yourself and this man after this, those words may as well have come from your own mouth.

A system in which this guy can make statements like that and still roll in hot cars, beautiful custom suits on tax-free money people think is doing good in the world shouldn't exist in our "enlightened" society. Furthermore, a god that kills so many innocents for a crime committed by their ancestors under duress, but doesn't smite one man for defaming him so horribly of course does not exist.

I could write hotly and increasingly badly about this indefinitely, but I'll leave it at that.