Friday, December 18, 2009

Don't Fence Me In!

I come before you this fine morning to bemoan the genre! Yeah, it's reprehensible. What fits where, what justifies the creation of a new genre, and why does it matter at all?

More specifically: this time I want to bitch about the genre of books entitled "non-fiction". Amazon, Wikipedia, Metacritic, all tend to lump everything not totally made up as non-fiction. I'm aware that libraries, bookstores and other institutions have split this up out of practical necessity, but doesn't that just point further to the ineffectiveness of the convention?

No more discrimination against non-fiction books! Until I see mystery, sci-fi, romance, and horror lumped together as "subjects" under the banner genre "fiction", I'll... well, I'll just quietly resent the industry, thanks.

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